Don’t you wish someone would take the hassle out of losing weight and improving your energy levels?
Well The Punnet finally has!

Punnet Detox Plan

• Flush out toxins from your organs
• Revitalise your digestive system
• Feel energized and full
• Adequate amount of nutrients
• Calorie-dense foods

3 Day Plan

5 Day Plan

Shredded salad plan

• Lose up to 7lbs & feel amazing
• Improve your energy levels
• NO Preparation
• NO Shopping
• NO Waste

Healthy eating plan

• Lose tummy weight
• Improve body shape
• Finest ingredients
• Health blends
• Just €26 per day!

New Delivery Service

• Contactless delivery
• Fruit and vegetables
• All in store products available
• Delivery to the greater Dublin area

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"Nutrition is the
most important thing in your life when it comes to health
and vitality."

James Norton:
Lenster Rugby Player
and Founder of
The Punnet
Health Store.